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30ft Obstacle Course



This 30-foot long inflatable obstacle course is designed for two people to go head-to-head in a race to the finish line. This will keep participants moving through the line quickly, and allow more people to get a turn on this fun and challenging course. The 7-Element Obstacle Course offers a series of challenging physical activities including running, climbing, jumping, crawling and sliding.

Pair this unit with our Rock Climb Slide to create an even more intense challenge.

45FT Tropical Slip & Slide

You will love turning your backyard into an island paradise with this Tropical Slip & Slide. This 45 foot inflatable slip and slide features bright colors, palm trees and rainbows.  The misting hoses ensure that the slides stays wet and slick for easy play. This two-lane slip & slide has the double the fun as two riders can take a splashing ride at the same time.

The raised sides ensure that children do not slip off as they glide across the length of the slide.

Deluxe Castle & Slide

The Deluxe Castle & Slide combines the fun of our unique, diamond-shaped bouncy castles with our popular inflatable slides. Kids can jump and play inside the castle-shaped bounce house before going down the attached inflatable slide. The bounce house features see-through siding to aid with adult supervision. Children love few things as much as they love bouncy castles and this the perfect choice for warm weather entertainment. Children will spend all day acting out any number of playful scenarios, from slaying the dragon to saving the princess. They can even make a daring escape down one of the slides as the castle collapses around them – all pretend, of course.

Castle Bounce House

The Castle Bounce House is a wonderful addition to all children’s parties and events. This castle inflatable is the staple of any event, offering hours of jumping, skipping, and bouncing fun. The vibrant rainbow color scheme makes it ideal for girls and boys, no matter their age. Multiple children can jump around in the Castle Bounce House at the same time, allowing it to keep a large number of kids entertained at gatherings.